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David S. NealleyThank You Bangor Voters!

VISION: A Better Bangor

Politics as usual is hurting good public policy. Please consider the following when selecting your candidates:

  • Experience, skill-sets and talent ... NOT political party affiliations.
  • Solution oriented answers NOT sound bytes.
  • Good public policy stances NOT single or narrow issue stances.

Thank you for your consideration.



1. Improve our sidewalks and streets
2. Enhance public safety with more neighborhood and downtown policing
3. Promote a healthy economic and residential environment

And last but not least, we must do this while keeping property taxes under control.


Our challenge is to determine a renewed course of action where we use all of our assets, including technology, so that government will be more effective for all of us. Communication with all Bangor citizens is essential. Did you know you can interact with the Bangor Police Department online? We must provide easy access to all public records online.


I’m here to listen and represent you and I have the courage to make the tough decisions!

You have counted on me in the past and you know I’ll do what is right for Bangor. Refer to the About the Candidate page for additional information.


Born and brought up in Bangor, it’s been my family’s tradition to serve Bangor for over 100 years.