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.... they both love Bangor! 


I am running for Bangor City Council because I would like to ensure that Bangor residents and taxpayers benefit from our City's growth.

Many good things are happening in Bangor.

Downtown is experiencing a sense of vibrancy and the Bangor Waterfront is the talk of Maine. Plus, we have a new civic center! 

So far we have weathered a tough economy and actually experienced some growth, and we need to work on how this growth best benefits Bangor residents and taxpayers.  

Now that we have the momentum, it is time to get back to the basics.

We must benefit from this growth, by improving the quality of our residential life with investments in our sidewalks and streets and other essential municipal services, while working to reduce the property tax burden for our citizens. I will work towards these goals.

It is with great passion for Bangor and its people that I seek to earn your vote for Bangor City Council. Thank you for your consideration of my candidacy.

Respectfully submitted,

David S. Nealley
David S. Nealley

About The Candidate David S. Nealley

David was born in Bangor in 1961 and graduated from Bangor High School and then the University of Southern Maine, where he secured a Bachelors of Science degree in Business Administration. His parents Lois and William "Bill" Nealley were extremely devoted to Bangor. In 1984, Bill passed away from a long battle with cancer. Lois Nealley still resides in Bangor. The Nealley family has a long history of commitment and public service in Bangor.

Nealley spent eight years in the financial services industry as an investment advisor and another eight years as the General Manager of Snow & Nealley Company, a manufacturer of axes and garden tools. Later, David worked on a successful referendum initiative for Bangor Historic Track resulting in one of the largest economic developments in Bangor, Hollywood Casino. Nealley is currently the publisher of MAINE SENIORS Magazine.

David S. Nealley

Nealley has served the citizens of Bangor before. In his first term, 2001-2004, he served on the Finance, Business and Economic Development, Transportation and Infrastructure, and Regional Asset Committees.

In 2008-2011, Nealley served as a voting member of the Finance Committee and the Business and Economic Development Committee. Nealley was considered a budget hawk, and was a staunch supporter of downtown and the new arena.

Currently, Councilor Nealley serves on the Finance, Business & Economic Development and Airport Committees.

Councilor William Bowdoin Nealley,1969 Mayor of Bangor, Edward Bowdoin
Councilor William Bowdoin Nealley,1969
(David's Dad)
Mayor of Bangor, Edward Bowdoin
Nealley 1888 (David's great-great
David with his brother, Allen and Mother, Lois, sister, Cathy, and brother, Bowdoin
Nealley for City Council, for a Better Bangor. Approved and paid for by Nealley for Council Election Committee, Glenn Goodwin Treasurer